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This post was inspired by LA’s recent heat wave in the middle of February. I couldn’t resist going to the beach on a hot sunny day in the middle of winter & making it a blog post. So this spot is in Malibu & it is absolutely b-e-a-utiful! All my life living in LA I never knew there was a part of the ocean that was actually bright blue & clear water. Its called the El Matador State Beach. If you ever come to LA Malibu area this is definitely the beach to be at. This outfit is my cozy but light beach wear if you don’t plan on going in the water but just want to stroll around & maybe have a picnic. The shirt is from a company called Groceries who makes all their pieces here in LA. Their fabric is so comfortable, breathable & very well made. This specific shirt has thumb holes & unfortunately sold out but an exact copy of the shirt without the thumbholes is the Lazy Tee. If your a fan of the thumb holes a similar shirt from brand LNA is the Sloane Rib Long Sleeve. The shorts are an all time favorite of mine from Blank NYC called the Cutoff Shorts. Now the cardigan I purchased a year ago from Free People & has been long sold out since but a similar one from the same company is the Simply Sienna Cardi. I’m a huge fan of oversized cardigans because they really can bring an outfit together without being too much. 

dsc06117 dsc06123 dsc06127dsc06131The sandals are a purchase from ZARA last year but a similar type of sandal is the RELLA from Steve Madden.rsz_img_3388

dsc06139 dsc06143

Comfy cream shirt layered on white cut off shorts really bring out that beach vibe. Not to mention it makes you look super tan!dsc06145dsc06135dsc06129dsc06133dsc06146Perfect marshmallow cardigan to layer an outfit.dsc06147

Post Outfit: 


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