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    Portland, here we come!

    It’s been two weeks since I got back from my trip to Portland and I’ve finally had a chance to post this! I’ve set a goal to travel more this year and actually spend some time exploring the rest of the US that I have yet to see. I mean, I’ve seen the major cities, New York, Chicago, Miami, but I want to see all of the US. My first trip being Portland! I’ve heard that Portland has beautiful waterfalls and an amazing food scene. Unfortunately, it was so cold and some rain that we didn’t have a chance to hike. Definitly going back again to see its stunning waterfalls.…

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    The Woods You Say?

    So me and my family decided to take some time off from our busy lives and go up to the mountains and spend the weekend in Sequoia National Park! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to go because truth be told, I’m not exactly “one with nature.” If anything, it freaks me the hell out. Anything involving pitch darkness, bugs, and god knows how many miles away from the nearest Emergency Room, gives me MAJOR anxiety. But I decided to put all that behind me and try a new adventure. Below are the photos of my adventure and I’ve added captions under some photos explaining what…

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    Silky Smooth

    While in New York I wanted to have some fun with my outfit. Stand out a little more than just rocking all black and blending in the sea of darkness. I decided to rock a slip dress over my favorite Groceries tee and throw it all together with my new Vans. Check out the outfit details below! Slip: Sister Label  Tee: Groceries Apparel  Sneakers: Vans 

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    Wine & Safari’s

    So I got lucky enough to be invited to visit the Malibu Wine Safari which is where you go to feed cute animals & wine taste in between. The whole trip was so much fun! We got to see zebra’s, llamas, horses, & my personal favorite…..Stanley the Giraffe!! All the animals were so excited to see us & our unlimited carrots & bananas haha. We got to stop in between animals, get off the truck, & spend some time feeding the animals which was awesome. They were so cute!! The wine tasting in between was a nice touch. We got to try three different whites & three different reds. They…

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    museum adventures

    Welcome to my adventure at LACMA! Otherwise known as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I decided to hop on over to LACMA & check out the new installments & artwork, which is something I really like to do. If anyone is in the area I definitely suggest stopping by & checking out the new light work installment by Robert Irwin. That was a really my favorite part of experience there. I’m a huge sucker for light installments!! I love the whole “shadowy” look when you stand in front to take photos. Next to Irwin’s light installment there was a built structure with a bit of a twist showcasing…

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    Festival Adventures

    Coachella was such an amazing time for me this year! I really enjoyed the performances & just overall vibe of this year. The weather was amazing! Not too hot & not too cold. I thoroughly enjoyed myself & the company I had with me. For anyone who never has been I really suggest going once in your life! I’ve been attending Coachella for 7 years now & it had changed so much throughout the years. This time I felt Coachella had grown in size. The field felt & looked so much bigger. The tents were pushed back more & there was so much more areas & tents to hang out…