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Daytime Glam

Hey guys! So I’m going to go over a few steps in my make up routine! Here I’m starting off completely bare & only having on my E.L.F. mineral infused Face Primer which is my first step before applying foundation.

img_9429Here is a photo of the primer I like to use just for reference!primer

Now I’m going to use my Beauty Blender to blend in my concealer & foundation! I seriously suggest everyone to invest in one of these. Before the Blender I would use a brush to put up my liquid foundation & I always thought I was too good for a Blender. Once I took the plunge to purchase one & use it I realized what I’ve been missing out on. Seriously this stuff is a miracle worker. If  you want the airbrush look, TRUST me get one of these. beauty blender

My next step is to out on my foundation which is by Estee Lauder Double Wear. This foundation is just a life saver. I have oily skin & this foundation really mattes my face & helps throughout the day so I don’t look oily & slick after a couple of hours. It has amazing coverage & you can add on over it as much as you want. The color I use is 3W1 Tawny.


Make Up Forever Face & Body is also another foundation I’m obsessed with. I’ve been wearing this since I was 16. It is waterbased which is amazing for big pores so you don’t clog them with all that oil & make up. I personally wear the color #34. It’s light enough for everyday wear but you can double up layers to have a more covered look for the evening. make up forever

Next I like to put on my concealer on top of my foundation because I don’t like to use too much I just dab it on the areas that I feel needs concealing. I like to use this MAC Pro Longer Concealer color #NC30 for my under-eye & any other highlighting I want to do.max concealerIn this picture I have used the MAC concealer under my left eye & my right eye is bare so you guys can see the comparison. It does make my eyes a little smaller because your brightening it up so everything just looks a little tighter but don’t worry once u do the other side it’ll look normal!!img_9436This is my finished look with my foundation & concealer. 
img_9442Next step….CONTOUR! So I’m pretty messy about this, not as perfect as I’d like to be but I figured since I’m blending it in it doesn’t really matter anyways. What I use is to do this is the Laura Mercier Contour Kit which I am OBSESSED with. I looked everywhere for the perfect grayish brown because I felt like everything was just too orange for me so when I found this I didn’t even hesitate to purchase it. Its so smooth & creamy & easy to blend into the skin. I use my Beauty Blender again & run it over where I’ve contoured.img_9474img_9447I like to keep my contour lines short because I already have a really long & skinny face & I don’t want to make myself look super long & thin so I keep them short only to emphasize my cheek bones.


Alright, Now onto my blended in face. This is after I’ve smoothly blended in the contouring.img_9455-2Next I’m going to lightly go over my eye brows with Anastasia Soft Brown Brow Powder just to give them a fuller look. I start from my ends & go against my hairs so they don’t look like I just took a sharpie & drew them in.Anastasia-Brow-Powder-Duo-and-BrushCheck out the picture below to see them in full effect!IMG_9483Now I’m going to use my Anastasia Contour Kit in the Light to medium colors. Added some bronzer around the edges of my face & what I contoured earlier. I also brush some banana powder under my eyes just to lighten them up a tad more & apply some shimmer down my nose with my fingers.

contourNow all you need is to throw on some mascara which I would definitely recommend the Clinique High Impact Mascara. It’s the darkest black & just goes on so well without clumping.Clinique-Fall-2010-Clinique-High-Impact-Mascara& there you have it!! I’m all done! I don’t like too add too much on my face because I like to stay natural looking but still use makeup to doll myself up. If need be I like to reserve the heavier contour & highlighting for days when I’m either doing a shoot or going out at night. img_9480I know this blog was super long but I wanted to give you guys the full effect of each step! I hope this gave you some input into all the makeup I like to use! Let me know what you guys think!!

Welcome to my blog! I want to start off by saying thank you for joining me and taking the time to check out my blog! I am an LA native & from a middle eastern background! Feel free to leave me any comments and I will try my best to incorporate them into my weekly blogs. I hope you guys enjoy so stay tuned!!! Xo, Nazy


  • Gina

    Quick q, do you find that your beauty blender absorbs a lot of product? I feel like mine does so I stopped using it :'( It gives such a good finish though! also one more question, which contour powder in the ABH kit do you use to contour your nose? 😀 thanks!

    • Nazy Farnoosh

      Hi doll!! I definitely think the blender takes some product out but if your using an oily product it definitely helps me remove the oil & just keep the color on my face. Sometimes instead of wetting the Beauty Blender I use it dry so less product is absorbed. Especially with foundation that is water based or not oily!!

  • Alicia LeBlanc Litchfield

    This was perfectly written Nazy. I woyld love to see how you get all dolled up too, and what if any other eye makeup you use. I use almost all the same products you do, except with foundation & primer. My skin is so light & splotchy that once I find something that works, I buy the entire store out! What do you prefer for facial cleansing? I use Cetaphil & The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Polish. I swear by it. Thanks Doll. Give my love to the other DASH Dolls & the Kardashian Family.
    ~Alicia from MASS

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