Denim & Sneakers

DSC03098 dsc03076rsz_1dsc03099This outfit is what I like to wear when I want to be casual but still cute. The top is from a company called Monrow & they have the best simple shirts with great quality. It’s super soft & light enough to wear during the day. The color of this shirt is called granite & it’s such a perfect blend of greys.  dsc03090These jeans are from H&M which is not the first place I go looking for denim but as soon as I saw these & tried them on, I fell in love. They’re SO comfortable and the wash is just right to go with almost anything top & shoes. They’re stretchy but have an enough amount of jean in them to not be so similar to a legging & be more of a jean. Plus with this light washed jean look I can’t help but throw on some all white sneakers.
dsc03085This Chanel bag just goes with everything & anything. You can wear it dressed up or throw it on a casual outfit & dress it up. They are always a classic. rsz_dsc03082These Adidas sneakers are my life. I wear them as much as I can & I try soo hard to keep them clean. They’re so comfortable, you can walk in them for hours & be fine. When these shoes first came out I went on a hunt because they were completely sold out! When I finally got a pair for myself I almost went to bed with them!!dsc03081This look is comfortable but still says I’m ready for this day.  I’ve said before in my other posts about how much I like to wear denim, & it’s true. Sneakers are always my go to, especially ones that are simple & easy to wear with any outfit. I try to keep it casual on my work & school days so this is an outfit I throw on when I know I’m going to have a busy day but plan on looking chic while doing it!



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