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Fluffy Jackets 101

Not going to lie….first time wearing my fluffy new jacket, I felt like a boss. Haha these things just make any outfit perfect. you could be wearing a yoga set with this jacket and still feel dressed up for brunch. Seriously, so happy I made the decision to get this jacket! I’ll definitely be rocking this jacket during my weekend adventures!

I’m actually happy its been getting cold in LA because I have an excuse to wear it! Its super soft on the inside and the fur doesn’t shed. Take note when ordering a fluffy or shearling jacket, make sure it doesn’t shed!! Its honestly the most annoying thing if it does. It gets all over your black clothes (i hate visible lint) and just starts looking patchy. Even if you purchase a faux jacket, make sure its good faux fur quality. You’re welcome guys!

The denim shorts are from GRLFRND and theyre my first shorts from them but my actually 4th piece overall. I love their denim. SO flattering and just so comfy.

Check it out below and click the links to shop them!

Jacket: Eaves// Shorts: GRLFRND// Hair Care: Ouai


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