Greatness in Sneakers

So we all know sneakers have made a huge come back in the past year. Which has honestly been AMAZING for me. I always want to be comfortable in my shoes but nowwwww it’s considered “fashionable” #thankthesneakergods

Recently, I’ve been introduced to a footwear company called Greats. They’re produced in Brooklyn, New York and seriously rock. I actually have TWO pairs from them because I love their sneakers so much.

Alllll of their designs are inspired by the most iconic silhouettes in the business. They work hard to make beautiful shoes at an affordable cost that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I recently just got their Royale Blush Mono, which is made from a soft calfskin leather, and I’m obsessed with them.

They’re so comfortable and chic that they go with literally any outfit. Jeans, skirt, dress, anything. I really truly enjoy wearing them so much that I even have the same pair in allll white.

They are made from leather so I do suggest wearing them around the house the first day just to break them in. It helps them form to your feet and avoid that first day of stiffness breaking in leather sneakers

Check out my photos for inspo and get your own pair at 💕

*collaboration with Greats.



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