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High Waisted Stroll

You know that feeling, when you have an idea of what you want to purchase but no matter where you look, you can’t find it. So you start to give up hope, thinking it’s never going to happen. You’re never going to find that perfect pair of black high-waisted Levi’s that fit your waist, butt, and look vintage? Yup, that was me. For a good year too. I searched high and low, in Bloomingdale’s and every Crossroads store. I could NOT find my perfect pair of black Levi’s. I know I know, I could have bought a bigger size and had it tailored to fit me, but I couldn’t even find a decent pair to do that!! I seriously was starting to give up. I already have a few blue pairs but not one black. UNTIL….dun dun dun. Aritzia. I decided to check out the online shop just for fun and stumbled upon THESE.

Cant you tell how jolly I am? I’m extatic. The best part is, I have the same wedgie fit in a dirty blue color, so I know exactly how they fit and what size to order. You could say it was love at first site. Get it…lol bad joke. I finally have the jeans I’ve been dreaming of and I’ve decided to post a ton of pictured featuring them so you get how much I love them. Oh, and I’ll add links if you want a pair yourself.

Jeans:Levi’s// Similar T-shirt:Threedot// Similar  Bag:Windsor// Similar

You’re welcome!

Also, photos were taken by my lovely friend @Thefashionfuneral. Check out his insta for more inspo!

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