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It’s My Birthday!

The day is finally here! It’s my 27th birthday! The older you get the quicker these birthdays start coming around. Last year this time, I was having a complete freak out about turning 26. That year also being my Golden Year…turning 26 on the 26th! I was so freaked out about getting older & not being exactly where I envisioned myself to be.

After my 20s, birthdays have always been a day filled with anxiety & me stressing out. Until now..

Something I’ve learned is that instead of spending your birthday & the weeks before freaking out, enjoy how far you’ve come! Take a second & look back at all the humps you jumped over to get to where you are today. Appreciate all your experiences, good & bad, & you’ll realize that you are exactly where you are suppose to be at this time. Time truly does fly! Hold onto these memories & enjoy each birthday as it comes!

Dont spend time working about how old you’re actually turning. You can be 50 & feel 20 & be 20 feeling 50. I appreciate getting older & appreciating all that I’ve learned with my age!

Enjoy your friends & family! Indulge yourself with some awesome birthday cake & extra frosting! You’ve got one full day dedicated to you!! Enjoy it.


Dress: Majorelle

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