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Welcome to my adventure at LACMA! Otherwise known as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I decided to hop on over to LACMA & check out the new installments & artwork, which is something I really like to do. If anyone is in the area I definitely suggest stopping by & checking out the new light work installment by Robert Irwin. That was a really my favorite part of experience there. I’m a huge sucker for light installments!! I love the whole “shadowy” look when you stand in front to take photos. Next to Irwin’s light installment there was a built structure with a bit of a twist showcasing the world.

At the end I checked out this HUGE boulder, I would say, sitting on top of this tunnel, basically, & everyone would stand a certain distance away from it & pretended they were holding up the boulder with their arms! I tried a couple times, failed many, & finally got a picture!!

Check out the photos below of what I experienced at LACMA & let me know which one was your favorite!

Outfit details are top from Faithfull The Brand & my skirt is from Ivyrevel. My shoes you guys have seen before, they’re my favorite booties from Public Desire. My necklace & bracelet are both from Chan Luu. & last but not least my bag is from Mansur Gavriel!! Check them out!

Enjoy the photos!

img_7350 img_7351 img_7352img_7357 img_7365img_7369 & this is the light installment that I found really inspiring! Just the color placements stand out & bring out a playful vibe.img_7370img_7379img_7374img_7381img_7384 img_7387img_7399 img_7400
img_7429 img_7432 img_7438 img_7439 img_7444 img_7451

Here I’m taking photos of the palm trees around but my wrap bracelet from Chan Luu is Coachella vibin!img_7453 img_7463

Here is my beautiful Chan Luu Bone Pendant Necklace that I just love. Talk about statement necklace!!img_7468 img_7469

Ivyrevel doing work here!! The skirt was so beautifully made I absolutely adore it!img_7472rsz_img_7561 rsz_img_7571img_7566rsz_img_7584img_7591 This was a huge fixture of pool table balls which was pretty cool. Every time I go to LACMA there is an oversized something present haha.img_7592 img_7593 img_7575img_7622img_7629img_7631
img_7609img_7616img_7638img_7637img_7639img_7645Haha & this is the boulder I tried taking photos in front of! Have fun watching me fail over & over again.img_5068img_5071 img_5078

Welcome to my blog! I want to start off by saying thank you for joining me and taking the time to check out my blog! I am an LA native & from a middle eastern background! Feel free to leave me any comments and I will try my best to incorporate them into my weekly blogs. I hope you guys enjoy so stay tuned!!! Xo, Nazy

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