Shades of Cool pt.1

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This next post is an exhibition of new work by James Turrell at the Kayne Griffin Corcoran! The exhibition has three major large scale Elliptical Glass works that were so amazing. Terrell says “my art is about your seeing” because he believes that human perception is his true medium. There were three different Elliptical Glass’ that I visited. There was STEWART ISLAND, CAPE HOPE, & COCKLE CREEK. Cockle Creek is where I took majority of the photos because the lighting was so beautiful & that bench was so simple but such a big statement piece in the room. The lights in the circle were constantly changing. It would start off as white & slowly slip into blues & reds. Stewart Island was more of a reddish hue & Cape Hope was more of yellow & soft blues. The black dress worn in this shoot is from Target & its called the Long Sleeve Dress. Its so comfortable & stretchy. Warm enough to wear during the winter times with stockings & a warm coat. The khaki suede coat is from Missguided & is called Suede Trench Coat. My shoes are from Allsaints & unfortunately they’re from last season & sold out but here are some similar style ones. Its called the Brandlove Boot. You guys should definitely check out this exhibition if your in LA or plan on visiting. It’s gated so not anyone random can walk in but you hit a buzzer & they let you in. There is no fee, free entrance! Take a moment to sit & just watch the art. You won’t regret it!


Welcome to my blog! I want to start off by saying thank you for joining me and taking the time to check out my blog! I am an LA native & from a middle eastern background! Feel free to leave me any comments and I will try my best to incorporate them into my weekly blogs. I hope you guys enjoy so stay tuned!!! Xo, Nazy


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