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Survived the Desert Checklist

Back from Palm Springs and this blog post is a little late. But I needed a week time out when I got back. Going up to Palm Springs can be exhausting, when you’re jumping from venue to venue, event to event. And even finding the time to even get a meal in, because lets be real….that’s like #1 in my books, is exhausting. This was my first year in 8 years that I did not go inside actual Coachella. I decided that this year I was going to focus more on attending parties and enjoying my time in the sun. Every year I attend Coachella, its such an experience. But its hot, and sticky, and the process of getting in and out AND to the events outside of Coachella….is almost impossible. You’ve got to pick your battles. So this year, I attended the REVOLVE festival, which was absolutely beautiful. All the cool pop ups inside, the flying swings, and free IN-N-OUT. Oh yea…I lived it up lmao.

SO here are few things that got me by on this trip…

SUNSCREEN…um yea. If you thought you could walk into the desert without this, you can just U-turn and go right back home. The sun is so strong here and with no huge skyscrapers, its got no where it hit but your beautiful face. You don’t want to burn here. Pack it on. A few of my favorite sunscreens because not all of them go well under makeup or make it look like you’ve got white smeared on your face. Volition / Neutrogena / Kiehl’s (she’s a little pricey but my favorite by far)

WATER lol yea, sometimes I think I’m too cool for water and go hours without drinking any. fast forward to be in my hotel room, head under a blanket with a stabbing migraine. I had at least 3 bottles on my this time around. One in hand, one in bag, and one in the car. No joke. 

MINI CROSSBODY BAGS because who wants to lug around a massive bag surrounded by a thousand bodies in the sweaty heat. I brought 3 different level bags. Yes, levels. I brought one super nice designer one, one straw bag because those things can handle hurricanes and look new, and a easy throw on that you don’t care if it gets ruined. I brought these three with me GUCCI / Rare Atlantic / Forever21

Comfortable Shoes yup. You’d think this was an obvious one but I’ve had people bring the most uncomfy shoes and came back day 1 with blisters the size of mars. I’m just like…why. SNEAKERS! or personally, out of all my years at Coachella, I feel boots are a necessity. Yes, you can rock sandals and sneakers. But nothing does the job like a good pair of leather boots to keep the dirt out, feet clean, and not have that rubbing sneakers can give you when you walk in them for 10+ hours. Even though I did take boots, I will list all the shoes, sandals included, that I took to with me. SupergaHM / Revolve / Revolve

Sunglasses I have a weird love hate with sunglasses. Idk why, but I don’t feel I look my best hiding behind lenses but in this city, they’re a must. You can try walking around squinting or eyes closed and just let the music guide you. But at the end of the day, your eyeballs will be bright red and burnt. You don’t need a fancy pair. Actually, the ones I wore most were my $5 pair from Forever21. I suggest not taking anything too expensive because it they break or you loose them, well that would just suck. Here are my ride along sunnies… Forever21 / Windsor / Ray-ban

iPHONE an iPhone is really all you need to take awesome photos. I used to take my camera but it was so annoying to take photos, transfer over, edit…blah blah. Too much of a process. Iphones take great photos. Just find your perfect lighting and your set!

Hand Sanitizer I need this bad boy in the desert. In a city where you’re surrounded by porta potties and germs everywhere, I carry a small bottle with me everything. You’ll thank me later.

I guess that’s all that I can really think of that’s a MUST. Other than like gum, jean shorts, a hat, and don’t forget your wristbands!! Anyway, have a blast out there and let me know if there is anything you take that I’ve missed.


I’ve added photos and outfit links to everything I wore this weekend!

Top: Privacy Please Pant: Privacy Please  Sandals: Raye

Bag: Gucci

Top: Ale by Alessandra  Skirt: BB Dakota

Dress: Tularosa

Dress: House of Harlow Sandals: Raye

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