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The Secret To Long Lasting Eyelash Extension

In the past couple years, eyelash extensions have gained major popularity. I’ve personally been using them for the past two years & would feel naked without them. They’re an easy way to not wear make up but still manage to look alive. If you use eyelash extensions like myself or plan on using them, I’ve got some pretty amazing tips for you to keep them looking fresh & long lasting.

First! Anyone who puts mascara on their extensions, no need to lie we’ve all been guilty of this, needs a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I swear by this….its an easier way to get the make up off of your eyes without using makeup wipes. Yes yes you can always use those but I find myself losing lashes faster when using wipes.

Second! An eyelash brush is a MUST! I have one of these in every room, purse, & car. An easy way to keep your lashes fresh & not tangles, which causes them to fall out quicker, is taking a brush & swishing it through them. Sephora has a pretty good brush but if your looking for a bargain check them out HERE!

See? Easy peasy. Two simple steps to keep your beautiful lash extensions lasting longer & staying fresh!


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