Union Station Outlaws

Haha okay so this isn’t a story about how me and my friend Eden got arrested for breaking the law or anything….BUT we did jump over the roped area of Union Station and took photos out in the open. Haha I know….total rebels. But the photos were SO worth it. We got to roam around the area where people used to buy their tickets from the booths and even hang out in the employee locker rooms. The photos in the small white wall spaces are behind the ticket booths where employees had locker space to store their personals. So happy we walked into the restricted section haha. 

If you’ve never been to the downtown Union Train Station then you’re missing out. It’s absolutely beautiful and you can totally feel the history behind it. It’s worth the trip down there. And who knows, you might buy a ticket, get on a train, and end up somewhere really cool.

Outfit Details ✨✨


Jean Shorts:

No exits 🙂

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