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Wine & Safari’s

So I got lucky enough to be invited to visit the Malibu Wine Safari which is where you go to feed cute animals & wine taste in between. The whole trip was so much fun! We got to see zebra’s, llamas, horses, & my personal favorite…..Stanley the Giraffe!! All the animals were so excited to see us & our unlimited carrots & bananas haha. We got to stop in between animals, get off the truck, & spend some time feeding the animals which was awesome. They were so cute!!

The wine tasting in between was a nice touch. We got to try three different whites & three different reds. They also had snacks for us to much on with our wine.

The scenery was definitely one of a kind. When standing on top of the mountain, which they take you up to, you could see rows & rows of vineyards ahead of you. The air felt crisper & you just felt at peace. For anyone whose thought of going to Malibu Wine Safaris, I would definitely recommend making that trip! You won’t regret it!


Romper: NastyGal

Jacket: Nordstrom

rsz_img_8083rsz_img_8092rsz_img_8107These are baby zebras! The older they get the darker their striped will become.img_7048img_7047img_7045img_7042rsz_img_7022Thats the safari truck we got to ride on throughout the safari & the back view is the vineyards.

img_7043 Cheers!img_7044 img_7046 img_8167 And this is Stanley! He is the cuuutest Giraffe ever! He was so friendly & cute & loved interacting with us. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him!
img_8171 rsz_img_8172img_8343This was the cool safari truck we got to ride in during the trip!img_8236 My gorgeous best friend Breanna!img_8239img_8337 img_8339The scenery was just beautiful. I could stay up here for hours.img_8341 img_8342 img_8247img_8252 img_8253

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