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10 Amazon Favorites

Lets get down to my top 10 Amazon buys! I’ve definitely been spoiling myself during quarantine and adding small touches to my home that help brighten the mood and lift my spirits!

Here are my favorites:

  1. Velvet Jewelry Display// I was spectacle about this piece at first. But as soon as it arrived and I had all my necklaces hanging, I fell in love. The solid black contract against your jewelry is so chic and it leaves my pieces tangle free.

2. Double Glass Mugs// One of my favorites. I use these mugs specifically for coffee or tea. They’re doubled down so no need to worry about burning your hands and they’re so cute to carry your drinks in!

3. iPhone case// These cases have the same texture and feel of the authentic iPhone cases but for a fraction of the cost… They’re only $6 and come in so many stunning color options!

4. USC Lighter// because who uses lighters anymore. Idk how I didn’t buy this sooner. It lights your candles so perfectly and all you need is to plug it in for a charge if it runs out of battery. No more throwing out dead lighters or refilling with gas.

5. Gold Tray// I love this little accent piece. I personally use it as a jewelry tray, but you can use it for candles, sage placement, or anything else you can think of. Super versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Yoga Toes// these guys are every penny worth it haha. They give my toes such a nice stretch! I love using them while watching TV or after a long day.

7. Colored Felt Tip Markers// I’m obsessed with these! They make writing in your planner so much more fun and interesting to look at.

8. Bedside Caddy// a great way to keep yourself organized! If you’re a bedtime reader or love to watch Netflix from your iPad and don’t want to get out of bed to put it away, you can just slip it into your bedside caddy and its out of your way while you sleep.

9. Reusable Straws// a great tool to have in your purse, at home, or in your car to avoid the waste of plastic straws!

10. Gallon Water Bottle// Idk about you, but I drink more water when there’s a straw involved loll. An easy way to keep track of your water intake!

What are some of your favorite Amazon buys? xx


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