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Amazon Favorites – Home Edition

Frother Woven Basket Make Up Organizer Stackable Boxes Mason Jar Lids Laundry Basket Jewelry Organizer Storage Bins


Woven Basket

Make Up Organizer

Stackable Boxes

Mason Jar Lids

Laundry Basket

Jewelry Organizer

Storage Bins

Switching it up with an Amazon Home Edition this time! Here are my favorites that will add a dash of sparkle to your home space.

  1. Frother// You want to make the most delicious at home lattes without a Starbucks drink? Get yourself one of these. Ordering my coffee out just isn’t the same when I know I can make it even better at home. So easy to use and easy to clean up.
  2. Woven Basket// I use these guys for my plants and they’re so freaking cute. I have them in medium and large, for my bigger guys, and they add such a nice homie but boho chic tough to the apartment. You can also use them for storage!
  3. Make Up Organizer// I love that its clear so you can see what’s in it but also lined with gold to add a cute aesthetic to the set. The quality is great, plus the lipstick compartment on top is a much needed touch!
  4. Stackable Storage Bins// I’m obsessed that they stack and come in a cute light blush color. I use these for my hair ties, putting away wires and chargers around the house.
  5. Bamboo Lids// Its no secret that mason jars are a majority favorite. But they don’t come with lids that allow straws. Problem solved. These bamboo lids are sturdy and a great way to enjoy your drink at home, on the go! Plus, they’re so cute.
  6. Laundry Hamper// My bathroom isn’t the largest and I was tired of having to share space with a square hamper that got in my way. This guy is longer and slimmer to fit in tight places and it comes on wheels! No longer having to drag or carry your hamper to the laundry room. Just room away!
  7. Jewelry Organizer// Say no more. This pieces is one of my favorites. Its linen type fabric fit just perfectly in every room. Plus it comes with a top to keep your jewelry dust free.
  8. Storage Bins// I use these guys to stack my leggings and pajamas in to make extra space in my closet & they do not disappoint. They come in 2 sizes, regular and jumbo. I use the jumbo size because I have so much clothes to store and I love that they’re big and tall enough to hold everything in.

Let me know which ones are your favorite! xx

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