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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE.

Happy Halloween, everyone! So excited to be sharing my halloween costume with you all this year. I dove deep into what I should be and thought I’d try something different try something different than my norm. I usually lean more towards funny costumes, last year I was a cloud and the year before I was an old cat lady lolll. This year I said, “lets try to be something a little more towards scary or eery at least.” and I didn’t look back! At first, I was searching through Yandy‘s website and this costume just caught my eye. I didn’t see if so often and felt I HAD to have it and do it justice. So I went all out….


If you haven’t already guessed what I am, I am Beetlejuice’s bride! Such an iconic movie that I seriously enjoyed watching growing up and through this would be the perfect moment be her!

I don’t naturally have bangs so I pinned my front layers surrounding my face and gelled them down in swirls to be more similar to her look in the movie.

The entire costume other than the massive maxi is from Yandy! It came with a FULL outfit, gloves, headpiece, and even the roses which is the perfect prop touch to give off Winona Vibes. So affordable and a really comfortable halloween costume! Every piece really embodied the movie and made me personally feel I was Winona in the movie screaming Beetlejuice. Also scared a few people along the way when going to shoot this look haha.

The skirt I purchased separately to give more of a dramatic bride effective and can be found HERE.

For a second look this Halloween, I dressed up as a ring leader and the Greatest Showman being my inspiration! It was my absolute favorite movie this year and HAD to have this as my second look.

This whole set also came from Yandy! The overcoat is such great quality and easy to get into. I sometimes have a hard time with bodysuits because of my longer torso but felt so comfortable in this look and loved the way it sat on me. The corset is also attached to the bodysuit and can be tightened with the strings!

I layered the look with some leggings and knee high boots to really give it that ring leader in the circus vibes and a cool cane accessory to give it the extra pizazz is needs! The hat was also purchased separately to really bring together the whole look and could be found HERE!

Yandy personally for me, is a one stop shop to all the amazing costumes I
was able to wear this year. They have such a huge selection of costumes and categories that you are guaranteed to find the one for you!

USE CODE NAZY20 for a 20% discount off of the site!

Have an amazing Halloween guys and stay safe!!

*This blog post is in collaboration with Yandy but all thoughts and ideas are my own.

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