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How to relax when you need some down time.

Lately, I have been busy busy & sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’s hard for me to sometimes take a break but it’s also really important to take some time for myself and decompress. I tend to take on too much because I’m a perfectionist. My mind is constantly thinking of what else I can get done or accomplish & it’s never ending. I burn myself out & that’s when I put  my phone down for the week and do ME time.

Here’s a few ways I like to relax..

BATH TIME! Oh yea, the bubbles are out. I’m not crazy about baths but when I need a minute to slow down, I’m all in. I take myself to the nearest LUSH store and splurge on these amazing bath oil sticks that you dunk into the hot water and it leaves your skin so soft and fresh after your bath. I like these more than bath suds, since those usually have sulfates and dry out your skin!

Bath Oils / My Favorite

HIKING! Take a hike. Literally. Nothing is more refreshing than being outdoors. The fresh air, sun, and light breeze, really helps chill me out. I pop in my headphone and just pretend I’m in a music video as I hike uphill sweating my butt off. Something about being out in nature makes so much more of a difference than being inside a gym.

Water Bottle / Suncreen

YOGA! I use to dislike yoga. I’d always complain that it was too slow and as an young teen with enough energy to keep my up till 4 am, it wasn’t the right “work out” for me. Now, being 26 going on to 27, I embrace the slowness of Yoga. Let me sit in that hot room, work on my breathing techniques, and I will walk out that class a new woman. My new favorite spot is Sweatheory in Hollywood. The rooms are smaller with less people, which is much better for me, because you don’t have the anxiety of being in a room filled with 50 people. The rooms are dry heat instead of sauna, which means they don’t smell like B.O.  And the teachers are young and helpful, always ready to help, and at the end they have these amazing cold towels that have eucalyptus oil in them placed on you for refreshing. You can clearly tell how  much my thoughts on Yoga have changed haha.

Leggings / Yoga Mat / Sports Bra 

MEDITATING! I know….you’re probably like, how do you even do that. People talk about it all the time but who really does it regularly? There’s so many different ways you can meditate. You can sit in total silence or put on some calm instrumental music for 15 mins & sit back with your eyes closed just listening to the soft tones. I do this when I’m feeling emotional & just need some alone time. Sometimes I take Lavender Oil essential oil, rub it on my wrists, & let the aroma relax me. I’ve added my favorite scents below!

Essential OilCandle / Diffuser

Whatever you’re way to relax, it’s really important to take some time for yourself & breathe out all the stress. Don’t forget to put yourself first!! You need to focus on your own self care before tackling the world!

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