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Feel the MOOD

Life has definitely been throwing me curve balls this month. First, my car stopped from an empty gas tank, then I drive over a trench on the freeway and pop my tire, plus all the stress of visiting family over the holidays. You can say I’ve been a bit stressed. This is why I have been using my American Eagle MOOD collection to really help me relax and just breathe when the going gets tough.
My favorite has definitely been this CBD infused aromatherapy roller, that is so small and compact that I can carry around with me in my purse or in my pocket! It’s been a real life-changer. The scent is a light citrus aroma, which is my absolute favorite! And it rolls on smooth and easy.

So you may be wondering…what exactly is Mood? Mood is an all-new wellness collection – exclusively at AE – featuring products made for everyone! It’s infused with CBD extract, which is known for its calming and soothing benefits.
The Mood collection has its very own hand cream, body lotion, bath bombs, bath soaks, and even a foaming face wash! The great thing is that you can find your own personal product that fits into your own daily lifestyle. Talk about making things easier.

My second favorite product in the collection is the CBD foam face wash! The face wash is lightweight and makes my skin feels moisturized and smooth + it smells amazing. I love that it comes out in a foam, which gives me that lightweight and airy feel to my skin. The pumps are controlled so you don’t have to worry about losing the product.

Now that you’ve heard about my favorites, I think it’s time to try out yours! The collection is accessible online and can be found HERE. Let me know what your favorite items are!

 *This post is in collaboration with American Eagle but all thoughts and opinions are of my own!

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