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home decor on a budget!

I love home decor shopping but don’t love the astronomical prices thats home with it. But it doesn’t alway have to be that way. Here are a few places I shop my home decor items from that are both aesthetically pleasing and don’t hurt my wallet!

  1. Walmart Home: They’ve got amazing prices for every category and usually, free shipping! I have found some great quality items (that also might be sold out on other sites) at such an affordable price. My go-to forsake!

2. Amazon: Believe it or not, I have found some amazing pieces on Amazon. Both affordable and cute. It takes some digging but I’ve hit some sweet deals on some awesome pieces! Make sure to read the reviews, that always helps when I’m not sure if the quality is decent.

3. Ikea: This one you’re probably very familiar with. A household name brand. The shipping time with these guys is never fun but the quality vs. cost is worth it to me!

4. H&M Home: This one I learned about recently! I’ve bought some really fun decor pieces, ceramic frames and baskets, and the quality is insanely good for the price. I had no idea h&m had a home section but it does not dissapoint. Mostly smaller pieces and less furniture but every season they come out with new items!

5. ZARA Home: How did I not know about ZARA home after allll my years shopping at ZARA. Classic beautiful items that really bring an elegant energy to your home space! Price points are similar to ZARA fashion.

6. At Home: Really great everyday items here! More of the simple style, not looking for a certain aesthetic but just want really good deals. This site is your baby!

7. Living Spaces: This one caught me by surprise! I was browsing for a bed frame and found beautiful affordable items that look exactly like the high priced items I secretly want but can’t afford. Practically identical! There are so many options on this site but worth spending an hour shifting through it all.

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