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How I Clean My Bathroom Bleach Free

HIYA guys! First blog of 2020. Let’s get started.

I’m super big on not using bleach in the bathroom. The reason why is because it actually makes me feel sick. Most bathroom cleaning products have bleach in them and every time I use them, I would get a sore throat, major headache, and felt physically sick. So I had to find a new way to deep clean my tub without constantly feeling awful at the end of it.

My secret weapon….baking soda + white vinegar. Yup. You heard right.

You can easily purchase both at the 99 Cent Store or the dollar store if you don’t have the other near by. So not only is it cheaper, but it is a way healthier way to clean your bathroom.

First, I pour a bit of the vinegar onto the surface area I am cleaning, then I add the baking soda on top WITHOUT rinsing off the vinegar. I take my bathroom cleaning brush (can be any brush you prefer to use) and mix it up into a paste while scrubbing off the dirt and grime. Scrub the surface helps remove bacteria and any build up.

Once you’ve done that, I like to pour the rest of the vinegar over the paste to create a more milky texture and just let that sit on your surface for 30 minutes. The acidity in the vinegar will usually help breakdown whatever you are trying to clean and baking soda is also a great odor remover.

After sitting for 30 minutes, I turn on the water and rinse off the products. It’s easy, safe to use, and actually cleans your bathroom and kitchen effectively! Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!



Welcome to my blog! I want to start off by saying thank you for joining me and taking the time to check out my blog! I am an LA native & from a middle eastern background! Feel free to leave me any comments and I will try my best to incorporate them into my weekly blogs. I hope you guys enjoy so stay tuned!!! Xo, Nazy

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