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How I Grew 10 inches of Hair in 1 Year

I get a lot of comments & questions about my hair. “How does it grow so fast?” “What do you use to style it?” “What’s your secret?”

The truth is, I got desperate. By 23 I was bleaching my hair blonde & thought I was never prone to hairloss because of my middle-eastern background (known for being hairy & all lol)

So here I am, 23 & blonde, where I noticed I was losing more hair than I was growing & gone was my long waist length hair, because of all the breakage, & was left with shoulder length hair. You can say I had an early mid life crisis. Every shower I was pulling out more & more hair to the point where I had to cry to my mom about my fear of going bald early lol. Yep.

2014 with some breakage at my ends. Lots of dry shampoo for volume.

Gone were the days where I would snap hairbands because my hair was so thick. I was finding handfuls of hair down my sink every shower because of all the styling & dying. Tried every hair mask & treatment but none of it worked.

When I was younger, I used to dye my hair at any opportunity I could get. Whenever my stepmom would head to the hair salon, I would beg my dad to let me get mini highlights too. I always wanted to be a few shades lighter than my own natural black hair. That’s definitely where it all started, middle school. Anyway, fast forward to 23, I sat myself down lol, & made the decision to go back to black & never dye my hair again.

Allowing my roots to grow back in & letting my hair grow back naturally with no bleaching! PROGRESS!

Until one day, my mom suggest using castor oil. A little backstory, my mother is an esthetician who has some knowledge on beauty & skin. So anyway, she gave me one of her bottles of cold pressed castor oil & to town I went! I was not into the idea of slathering my hair with oil but I was desperate. My first try, I learned how thick castor oil is & that I put way to much oil into my head that I was a greaseball for days loll. my second try, I mixed it with some coconut oil to help with the thickness & over using just to get it on my head. Let’s just say I wasn’t convinced or impressed.

It took me some day but I figured it out. After sharing on Instagram about my journey using castor oil, an Instagram follower of mine actually suggest I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which is much more powerful & organic than the cold pressed I was using. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is much thicker & harder to get on your scalp by just applying it with your fingers, so I invested in some glass syringes from amazon, & once a week I started applying targeted spots on my scalp using the syringe!

Let’s just say, it’s been a game changer ever since. I use this thing on everything! My eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, I put it everywhere. Fast forward 3 years, I grew my hair back to my waist & it is much fuller than where I was at 3 years ago. I no longer fear going to the hair salon for a haircut because I know my hair will immediately grow back.

Here is what you will need to get your hair care station set up:

Once a week, leave this mixture on for about 30mins to an hour & then SHOWER! 🚿

You can do this once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. But do it! It’s all organic & healthy, with no alcohol or fragrance (which is so damaging & in most hair treatments), & a guaranteed way of growing back your hair.

Let me know your thoughts about castor oil or any other hair growth secrets you have!!

It’s been a pleasure 🙂




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