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My favorite hair brushes + how I use them..

So, I recently got asked, what hair brushes are my favorite to use and does brushing my hair everyday cause more of it to fall out? Let’s start with a little story…
Backstory: I use to think that every time you brushed your hair it just causes breakage or forced your hair to fall out, but after speaking with numerous hairstylists and my mother, who is a beauty aesthetician and super knowledgeable in haircare, I learned that brushing your hair is actually VERY good for both your hair and your scalp.
The daily brushing that is suggested causes hair follicle stimulation and helps shed those dead hairs that are ready to shed. Each person sheds an average of 100 strands of hair each day. So if you find some hair strands in your brushes, don’t be alarmed! Brushing your hair is also a great way to lubricate your scalp and help distribute the natural oils down your hair shaft straight to your ends. That’s why your hair is always so shiny after you brush it out!
Now, when I say brushing is healthy for your scalp, I don’t mean pick up the most coarse brush and scrub your head with so much force that you end up yanking more hair out than needed. I mean, find a comb or brush that benefits YOUR hair type, and gently brush and stimulate.

Here are some hairbrushes I use and the reason why I use each one:

The comb – My hair texture is thin, but I’ve got lots of it. So I like to use a comb right after I’ve styled my hair and help brush out my waves! I use it from the mid-shaft down to my tips and only when my hair is styled. I have naturally curly hair but because it’s fine, I find combs yank or break my hair if I try using it from scalp to tip when it’s dry. I’ve learned that the best time to use a comb is when your hair is damp or wet. My stepmom who has very thick dense hair swears by her comb and its worked for her for years.

Wet brush – I have been using this brush since high school. It’s like changing and I can never travel anywhere without it. I use this brush specifically for when my hair is wet, out of the shower, and after I’ve sprayed on my leave-in. It helps detangle and brushed through your hair like butter. It’s super affordable and can be found at stores like Target, CVS, and/or Walgreens.

Infinity Pro Conair brush– I use this brush for after I’ve detangled and ready to blow dry. The very few and wide bristles keep from pulling my hair when I am brushing head to ends repeatedly and with the open back, dries my hair in a shorter amount of time.

Fingerbrush – Last, but never least, I use this brush for my nightly hair brushing. I originally purchased this brush for a blow-dry brush but because the bristles were tightly close together, I didn’t feel it outdid my BLANK brush as a blow-dry brush. BUT, because of the round plastic ends to the bristles and the slight curve to the body of the head, it shapes perfectly against my scalp when I’m brushing and feels like a luxurious head massage! Almost like those scalp massagers you purchase on amazon that feel like heaven going up and down your scalp.

Here are a few other brushed that are similar to the ones listed above but different in style and price point!

I hope this was a helpful guide to all your hair brush questions! If I left anything unanswered, please leave a comment below! Now, brush away!



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