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Sleep Tight!

Do you really even know someone if you don’t know what their Sleep Persona is?! Loll. Bad joke, but let’s get down to business.

Do YOU know what your own Sleep Persona is? I just figured mine out. I visited the I visited the Bed Bath & Beyond website, clicked on their Sleep Solutions tab and chosen which type of sleeper fit me best. I personally am a half n half between The Furnace and The Overthinker.

I tend to get hot while I’m sleeping which wakes me up. Meanwhile, I’m up until late hours because my mind tends to wander right as I get into bed and I start to overthink! A double negative combo.

So I browsed through these two tabs and selected some items that would help me sleep BETTER throughout the night. Items that would keep me COOL and feel SECURE in my bed to help the overthinking at night.

My first item of choice is the Weighted Therapedic 12lb blanket. I chose this blanket because it’s meant to help me feel secure and increase my comfort while sleeping. It is also cooling and made of 100% cotton, which makes it a double whammy! Score for me! The other plus about this blanket is that the outer lining can be unzipped for washing whenever needed.

My next item of choice is the Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheet Set that is perfect for those who heat up quickly in the middle of the night. Ever since I’ve been using these sheets, I’ve felt better rested and don’t wake up tossing and turning because I can’t find a cool spot.

I also got myself a side sleeper Therapeutic TruCool Memory Foam pillow that is perfect for a side sleeper, me. It helps keep your spine aligned and it’s great for the whole staying cool at night combo.

And just for a touch of matching pink to my whole bed set. I added a Cambria Down Throw Blanket to the whole mix of it. It’s a gorgeous pink color matches my new Dusty Rose sheets and it also has Scotchgard to keep the stains and messes off of my bed! Perfect for easy cleaning!

If you’re having trouble sleeping and need to switch things up in your bedroom to help get you the best night sleep, head over to Bed Bath & Beyond and get started already! I’ve genuinely seen such a difference in my overall sleep that I’m truly honestly surprised and pleased with the results since I have switched my sheets and blankets. I had been complaining about having rough nights and sleepless hours, that ever since my first night using my new sets from Bed Bath & Beyond, I’ve been waking up each morning surprised that I didn’t wake up once throughout the night.

Bed Bath & Beyond is the sleep expert and destination for an overall better sleep experience and worth the change of sheets! Haha. Now please excuse me while I head off to take a nap on my whole new bed.



*This blog post is in collaboration with Bed Bath & Beyond but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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