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Stay Glowing with St. Tropez

Idk about you, but I feel my best when I’m tan! With that being said, I’m a huge fan of being tan but not actually sitting out in the sun and harmful UV rays. That’s where St. Tropez comes in. What better way to glow throughout the year than stocking up and using one of the most well known names in the self tanning business! It’s been a self tanner’s dream to partner with them because of how dreamy the quality of their products are and how long they have been a cult classic for me and my friends growing up.

There’s so much to gain with indoor self tanning. Tanning in the sun can cause premature aging, dehydration of the skin, and other harmful effects. I’ve personally had to remove a few moles throughout the years because of laying out in the sun, and it’s not a fun process. So a few years ago after my last removal, I decided to avoid the sun like the plague, but I hate missing out on that stunning summer glow that has you feeling like a million bucks!

So here comes the sun’s rival and near competition in the tanning department, the newest edition to the St. Tropez’s team is the limited edition Ultimate Glow Kit: a stunning tanning mousse & mitt from the new Ashley Graham x St. Tropez collaboration!

The formula itself features 100% natural tanning actives, is vegan friendly, recyclable, and cruelty free. It smells UH-mazing. You get zero hint of that self tanner smell but left with a refreshing fruity scent, which reminds me of papaya! The scent itself is addicting for me lol.

The applicator mitt that comes with the kit is easy to use and effective. It’s a quick and easy application that dries within a few minutes, leaving you with a streak free tan! The microfibers of the mitt help glide the mousse across gently and help with blending in.

I like to apply the tan after taking a shower. 

Here’s my step application breakdown:

  1. Shower & exfoliate.
  2. Towel dry off.
  3. Moisturize elbows, knees, wrists & ankles 
  4. Apply the self tanner and let it sit for 45 minutes.
  5. Go back into the shower and just rinse off the residue so you get a long last tan!
  6. Moisturize the next day to maintain your glow 🙂

You can also apply this on the go without the need to jump back in the shower if you don’t have the time. It doesn’t rub off and stays sealed in as you go about your day!

Another favorite of mine is the Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist! This baby is a real game changer. If you’re not a fan of makeup in the summer time because of how it cakes and creases in the heat, but want a glowing face similar to that tan you get when vacationing in Greece, let me introduce the face mist. She tans you gradually leaving  glowing results! The bottle is perfect because of how small and compact it is, perfect for at home or on the go.

On the rush and need a quick fix throughout your day or travels? That’s where the Face Mist comes in. I carry the little bottle in my bag wherever I go, if I feel I need an extra touch of tan or glow, I spritz some on. It leaves no transfer, goes on streak free, and also without that self tanner scent! 

These two products are truly a game changer and beauty must-have to keep you keep your best all year round!

You can find the link to both these amazing products here

Check them out and let me know your thoughts! xx

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