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What to expect in Symi Greece!

Yasou! – Lets start off with that because thats how they say ‘hello’ in greek!

I am back from my Greece travels & missing it already. I had the amazing opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Greece & I’m wishing I could go back tomorrow! The islands are absolutely beautiful, warm, & filled with friendly people who are just as excited as you to be there.

My first few days there we stayed in a town called Archangelos which is on one of the smaller Greek Islands. The town is a small humble suburb of Greece with absolutely beautiful beached surrounding! The weather was around 80 degrees each day we were there & its was absolutely stunning. In the evenings you could get away with wearing a sleeveless top or dress without the need for a jacket.

The sites we visited:

  • San Paul Bay Lindo
  • Lindos Akropolis
  • Anthony Quinn’s Bay
  • Valley of the Butterflies

Next, on our way to Symi (another beautiful island) we spend one night in Rhodes Medieval City! This town was absolutely breathtaking! Everything was old & layered with so much history. I even found an old school Mosque in the town, which was wild for me!

During the day, everyone is out by the docks where the city is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. By night, the city is light with vendors, restaurants, & a city lit with so much energy!

Also, a heads up, the city is also surrounded with cats! They’re everywhere & so friendly to us roaming their town. If I could just take them home, I would.

We took a ship across the ocean & closer to Turkey on a 2-hour journey to the island of Symi! Here is where the real beauty kicks in. The city of Symi is a small oceanfront town that is adorned with pastel-colored buildings, yachts surrounded the docks, & delightfully kind people! I miss it already.

We got an Airbnb just 3 blocks into town & close to just about everything. The whole town is just one big aesthetic background that belongs on Pinterest. We rented a Vespa that helped us get around town & to the beaches that were on the other side of the island & not walkable.

The food is so damn delicious, I for sure walked away with 10 extra pounds. There was an ice cream vendor down the block from our Airbnb that we pigged out at coming back from the beach each time. His ice cream was homemade, made with goat milk, & was insanely delicious!

I wish I had a better picture for it but every time I got it in my hands I would scarf it down within the first few minutes loll.

Some beautiful sites we visited that I would suggest going to are:

  • Agia Marina Beach
  • Panormitis Church
  • Pantelist Restaurant
  • Nanoy Beach

If Greece is on your list, I highly suggest stopping by Symi & Rhodes & spending a few days in these beautiful Greek Islands! Enjoy the guide & safe travels!


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